100+ tools for infographics, dataviz & visual communication

105 tools for infographics, dataviz and visual communication

There are SO many ways to communicate visually, and internet is full of handy tools that anyone can learn to use.

Here’s 105 tools for infographics, data visualisation and to all sorts of visual communication.

This resource was put together in Finnish Facebook-group “Tiedon visualisointi” (meaning ”Visualising Knowlegde”).

The collection is not perfect – and it doesn’t even include all the “obvious” great tools like Illustrator or Excel – but I find it helpful and use it a lot.

Many of the tools are free, but for some you need to pay a bit.

If you have any comments, or if you just want to say hello, I’d be happy to hear from you in Twitter or Linkedin.

I hope you enjoy the toolkit as much as I do!

Tools by topic

Annual Planning

Circular planning tool for an overall view of the annual activities.

Annual Plan App for teams and companies.

Color & Palettes

Adobe Color CC
Explore and create color combinations & palettes.

Color Brewer
Color advice for cartography.

Colorpicker for data

Color Contrast Checker

Fast color schemes generator.

Colour lovers

Community where people from around the world create and share colors and palettes.

Data Color Picker, powered by Learn UI Designpowered by Learn UI Design
Tool for creating data visualisation palettes.

Google Art Palette
Pull out colors from your picture, from a piece of art or browse for inspiration. Google AI experiment.

Graphical User Interface for Choosing HCL Color Palettes
A graphical user interface (GUI) for viewing, manipulating, and choosing HCL color palettes.

Data visualization

Finnish startup with dataviz solutions.

Google Charts
Powerful, simple to use, and free.

The missing link between spreadsheets and data visualisation.

The world’s first code-free sparkline typeface.

Tableau Public
Visualise and share your data in minutes.

Lets you create visualisations, dashboards and apps.


50+ types of diagrams with features to help you draw faster and better.

Diagrammer™ by Duarte
More than 4,000 customisable diagrams.

Cross-platform diagram software.

Simple Diagrams
A desktop app for creating sketches of problems, processes, workflows or ideas.

Great-looking charts and business graphics.

Graphic tools

Gravit Designer
Free vector design app right at your fingertips.

Free and open source vector graphics editor.

Fun and Easy Photo Editor.

Voxel Builder
Easy cube-based 3D design with DIY 2D/3D printing.

Applies symmetries to everything you draw.

Screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an editor.



Icons 8

Noun Project

Creative Nerds free icon sets
Nice community site for creatives, with occasional freebies.






Free infographic-templates for Powerpoint by Hubspot 





Inspiration & Ideas

Infographics by CDC

Infographics by WHO

Data Viz Project by Ferdio
Find the right visualisation and get inspired how to make them.

45 Ways to Communicate Two Quantities by Visual.ly

22 free ebooks for designers and artists by Creative Bloq

50 meticulous style guides every startup should see before launching by Canva

33 graphic design tips for beginner designers by Pixel Whizz

21 Mind-Blowing Map Examples from the Web by Infogram

Law by design by Margaret Hagan (ebook about legal design & service design)

Periodic table of visualisation methods by Visual Literacy

Qualitative chart chooser by Stephanie Evergreen

Visual facilitation cookbook (Published by Estonian UNESCO Youth Association)

Visual vocabulary -poster by Financial Times

Viz Health – 
Scientifically vetted style guide for communicating health data

Web font inspiration by Typ.io

Map tools

Editable World Map for PowerPoint from PPT POP

Map in Seconds
Turns your spreadsheet data into maps.

Story Maps
combine your maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia.

A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System.

Mind maps

The clear way to share complex information

Free online mind mapping

Not only for mind maps, but team sketching as well. Finnish startup.

Canva’s mindmap -tool

Network maps

Graph Commons
Map networks, together.

Presentation graphics

Creative Market
Ready-to-use design assets from 27,214 independent creators.

Info Diagram
Predesigned editable slides.

Slide Team
Library of easy-to-edit PowerPoint slides.

18+ Business Timeline Infographics in Creative Vivid 

Visualize me
Visualise your CV/resume.

Photos & Images

Always check the copyright & licenses yourself before using a photo, even if it’s from a ”free” service. Terms of uses do vary.

Beautiful pixel gradient maker in Glitch


Europeana Collections – artwork from 3500 galleries, museums and archives across Europe

Freerange Stock


Helsinkikuvia – Picures from Helsinki

ISO Republic

Kuvia Suomesta – Photos from Finland
You can use the photos as you want as long as you do not download pictures to other photo stocks for free, or for sale.

Libre Shot


MMT Stock

Negative Space

O-Dan – High-quality Free Stock Photos Search

Split Shire

The Pattern Library

Free Vector Silhouettes

UnDraw – collection of beautiful free svg images




Visual Hunt


Timeline Storyteller
Open-source visual storytelling environment for presenting timelines in the browser or in Microsoft Power BI.

Office Timeline
Free PowerPoint timeline template

Web-based software for creating interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.

Presentations for the classroom in a unique timeline format.

Videos & Animations

Apple Clips
App to create videos on iPhone and iPad.

Explain Everything
Interactive whiteboard platform.

Lumen 5
Easy videos for social media.

Animated videos for social media.

Stop Motion Studio
App to get you into stop motion moviemaking.

Whiteboard videos.

Word Clouds

Answer Garden
Nice feedback-tool that creates word clouds from the participants answers.

Word Art
Online word cloud art creator.

Word cloud with styles

Free online Wordcloud generator